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My Poor, Flabby Butt…

So I took to heart what you other moms said and today, #1 and I ventured into the world of youtube kid work-out videos. We found a fantastic one that used games to keep kids interested. I figured I’d join in. I mean, after all, a kids’ work-out can’t be all that hard, right?

Wrong. Ooooh, was I wrong! The girl in the video looks like I did my freshman year of college, BEFORE I got pregnant, mind you. Toned, slender, and full of a bouncing energy I highly doubt I will ever regain. Her two side-kick cousins are the cutest things ever, and I was so thankful for their little giggles and moments of pauses. #1 didn’t feel so pressured to keep up, and I could console myself that I was at least in better shape than a three-year old. Scratch that. I had more endurance than a three-year old. By about five seconds. It was bad… very, very bad.

But, #1 and I had a blast! With games like “Red Light, Green Light” and “Jump and Drop,” we had fun seeing what the other would do. My thighs and butt are screaming at the injustice, but it served its purpose wonderfully. #1 has a little less energy and I worked out. We didn’t quite get to the end of the video (which is a perfect 26 minutes long, water breaks included) due to melt-downs from a soon-to-be perfectionist, but I’m sure that will get better with each time we do it. I’m hoping my lack of fitness will also start to go away. We’ll see… It’d be nice to have half the energy the fitness girl does. With #2 threatening to walk any day now, I’m going to need it!