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3 Step Dairy-Free Coffee Creamer

20151017_081310-002On Thursday, I finally got confirmation that – yes, indeed – I have developed a true allergy to milk. (Pregnancy is beautiful, but I hate this side effect… It’s a good thing my oldest is as wonderful as he is, because this Texan mama sure misses her Blue Bell…)

For those of us dealing with this kind of allergy, it can be so frustrating. My middle and last sons both have the same allergy, thanks to my genes, so we’ve already adjusted a bit to the “No Milk” lifestyle. That doesn’t make it any easier, but it does make dinner planning a little quicker. One of the biggest things I miss, though, is a good coffee creamer. International Delight is not a non-dairy product, as they claim. We found this out accidentally, much to the detriment of my middle child’s poor puffy face… I’ll be honest: I didn’t give up my ID coffee creamer until two months ago, when we discovered that the youngest was having a reaction to it through nursing. I cried big ol’ tears. Coffee is my jam, y’all! I survive on coffee. Black coffee, though? Gross… (Sorry, coffee aficionados. I like a little coffee with my cream.)

We scanned the aisles for dairy-free creamers, and I was bowled over by the cost. One little pint for $4?? Excuse me? No thank, pass. I’d never drink it for fear gold bars would get stuck in my throat.

Finally, I figured out how to make my own, and I think it tastes even better! What really sold me, though, is that it costs about $2 a pint. Still fairly exorbitant, but it does the job well. Here’s what you need:

  • 1 can full-fat coconut milk, well-shaken
  • 3 TBSP flavored syrup (I use Torani)
  • 1/4 cup natural sweetener (I love honey)

Pour them into a container, shake to combine, and make sure to refrigerate. Also, don’t be freaked out if your coffee looks like it’s separating once it has cooled. The fat in the coconut milk (good medium-chain fatty acids that your boy loves) naturally settles (thus the shaken can), and it’s still ok to drink. (It freaked me out the first few times, so just a head’s up!)

Now you can sit back and enjoy a great cup o’ joe without fear of dairy reaction or breaking the bank! Enjoy!