I Swear I’m Not Hoarding!

Though, if you ask my husband, he might disagree… Over the past two days, our carport has begun to fill with my “loot:” old dresser drawers, a bunch of cabinet doors, one little ol’ window, some great wood from a broken bookshelf (I think…), some small pillows, some pieces of a wood bedframe… Chicken wire… Spray paint cans…. Trash to most, but excitement to me.

Right now, though, I’m attempting to write this blog in the few moments of peace that I have. My littlest is crashed on my arm mid-nursing session, the middle is (I’m hoping) still napping, and the oldest is binge-watching some weird show called SheZow? Life is, temporarily, calm. Until I try to put L into the bassinet, threaten to do any cleaning/cooking/DIYing… Then, EVERYONE needs mommy.

And, lemme tell y’all, it’s been one of those days. All I want to do is grab a margarita, my masking tape, and some chalkboard paint and hole up somewhere to tackle some of these projects. It’s been a roooough day… Up all night with the baby and his horrible cold, only to have J up over and over screaming and trying to fit in bed (of which I’m currently cosleeping – drop the pitchforks, ladies – and trying to share with the husband….). Talk about exhausted… I’d been brilliant and schedules a photo session for mid-morning, and then promptly fell asleep during L’s early morning nursing session. THAT was a fun rush job to get showered and out the door… Other things fell apart, the husband and I shot arrows at each other from other sides of the car, and the boys all ran around like hooligans. It was rough. Like, pull-my-hair-out rough. My days aren’t usually this insane, but it never fails to happen just when I most want it to flow.

So now I sit with my shoulder and hip cramping, hurrying to write something, anything, before I’m bombarded again. Maybe I can even convince my husband to have some “guy time” so I can at least get a few of these done. So long as I don’t come home with any more adopted pieces, I think he’ll be ok… Hopefully…

What’s your first day of summer been like?


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