Life is crazy right now. Super crazy. Like, a newborn with a cold, a two year old torn between smothering said baby with love and being jealous, and a five year old determined to binge-watch Ben10 over playing outside crazy.

I’m sure this summer will be pretty crazy, too. My house gets picked up, and it seems to immediately fall back apart again. (All I can see in my mind are those times in art class in elementary school when I added too much water to my clay and it just…. pphhhflooop. That’s my house right now. And quite possibly my brain.) I’m attempting to create a schedule – but we often play at Nana or Grandma’s late. I’m learning the fine art of individual child time, though sometimes it’s hard. And, like any psycho Type A personality, I’ve decided to take on some home improvement things this summer. Some are simple – spray painting lamp stands – and some are… harder…. like floating shelves and making rustic chicken wire picture frames…

It’ll be a fun summer, to say the least. And I’m going to do my best to keep up with the blog, though the posts will probably be short. It should be amusing to see my attempts (hopefully they turn out!) and I’ll try to share some of the cutest, goofiest, and most pull-your-hair-out moments with my kids.

Like each of us, my blog is evolving with me. There will still be those deep thought posts, but life right now isn’t super accomodating for those. (J has already bombarded me three times while writing this, twice inciting his brother to screams with sloppy head kisses. Don’t judge me for caving to his paci obsession just so I could finish this, ok?) I hope the shorter posts are just as good. Condensed rather than watered down. And I hope you have a fantastic summer!


4 thoughts on “Life

  1. So cool you are back…you might get me to re think blogging. It is something I have wanted to do for a while… never seemed to be any time, but if you can make time- then I should too! It is the ultimate compliment!

  2. Hey, I only had 1 child, and felt like life was overwhelming, especially when he was small (he’s 8 now), so I have to admire and respect what you are able to still do with 3! Keep it up, girl, and glad to see you back!

    • Thanks! Honestly, I think each step is pretty overwhelming, but like always, we adapt to whatever we’re given. 🙂 I have a good friend who also has three boys, and her oldest pogo jumps down her stairs. Now THAT I have no idea how she manages…. 🙂

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