Super Awesome Birthday Day

Today, THE most awesome person IN the whole wide world has a birthday.

Who is this person? Is it the Pope? Katy Perry? Jesus?!? (Technically, Jesus is not currently IN this physical world, which is how I can say that the birthday boy is the most awesome.)


It’s my husband! 🙂

For all of you wives out there, just give up. My husband is so super awesome, and he’s more awesome than yours. (Disclaimer: I am obligated to say this as his wife, and though I personally believe it to be true, you probably think the same about your husband. I’m cool with that.)

Today, the list-makin’ bug has bitten me, so we’re going to do another one!


Things that make my husband awesome:

1. He just is.  Ah, I mean, he is super strong.

2. He has an amazingly generous heart. (I feel terrible, but sometimes the homeless scare me… My husband is never afraid and always has something for them.)

3. He’s a goof ball. (Ace Ventura and Norbit regularly make appearances at our house. “Hi ho silver AWAAAAAAaaaay.”)

4. He’s loyal.

5. He’s willing to change. (Wife note: so am I. One person changing a marriage does not make. But he’s willing. That is more than many men – according to their wives…. So yet again, a fallacy in and of itself…)

6. He helps with the dishes.

7. He lets me nap when I’m sick, and I don’t have to worry about the kids falling off the planet. (Their clothes might not match, their dinner might have been PB&J, and the house might be a right disaster, but my children and my husband are happy. Win!)

8. He likes the same things I do.

9. He likes somethings I totally don’t understand. We’re not siamese twins here, guys.

10. He’s incredibly handsome. And hott. And drool-worthy. But if you drool over him, I’ll have to cut out your tongue…. 😀

11. He is the best father. Ever. (When your children launch themselves out of their mother’s arms for you, you have succeeded in life.)

12. He always loves, always listens, always helps those around him.

13. He is amazing.


Happy birthday to THE best husband, son, father, and man in the world. I hope it’s an awesome day, and I hope I don’t seriously mess up these surprise migas. 




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