Keep Calm. You’re Beautiful.

Keep CalmI am SOOO excited for tonight! In the past few weeks, I’ve restarted my Mary Kay business (I’d taken a… *cough cough* sabbatical?) It’s been amazing! I love the products, and have no doubt that they are so worth the money. On top of that, the entire company backing it is amazing. Tonight, though, I am having my second True Beauty party, a party that I created on my own after realizing that so many women cannot stand the non-made-up woman in the mirror. Through talking with one girl, I realized something even MORE amazing about tonight’s focus, that of our true beauty without makeup: our daughters (and our sons) will see us learning to love ourselves, and will grow up loving themselves, too.

It is amazing that my job is literally to make people happy and change women’s lives. The beauty business can be so harsh, pointing out spots, wrinkles, dark circles, light eye lashes, WHATEVER they deem “imperfect.” We cannot open our computers without seeing articles like “Oh my gosh! Such-and-such Actress Stepped Outside Without Makeup!” or “Such-And-Such Actress Gaining Weight?” or “They’re Just Like Us: Look At Her Ugly Overalls!”


Our mothers were raised in a generation of physical perfection (whether it was the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, or up). There was, of course, the free spirit movement, but the 80s (a tragic decade for makeup….) brought it back with a vengence. Is it any surprise that women today cannot look into a mirror without an ever-present little voice pointing out our flaws? “Ohh… Let’s not wear that shirt, dear. It brings attention to your baby belly.” “Oh, lord have mercy… Have you not been taking care of your skin? WHY are there so many pimples?” “Oh, those BAGS! Let’s just cover those up, shall we?”

Are we perfect people? No, most certainly not. But, we are what we are. When we learn (because we are most certainly not born) to dislike the girl in the mirror, it doesn’t just break us down. It breaks down all of those who care for us and look up to us.

Our husbands and boyfriends start to feel ignored and like their opinion doesn’t matter. They LOVE us the way we are, and our constant, “Oh, you’re just saying that because you have to,” whenever they tell us we’re beautiful is so… frustrating to them.

Our children and younger siblings look up to us as the example of what womanhood is. Our daughters learn to copy us, so all of that belly shaming and sighing and trash talk we think only we hear? Our daughters are learning to copy it. And our sons are not immune, either. Not only are they learning what to look for in a woman (which I hope they search for a self-confident, determined woman, unlike what I’ve shown them), they ALSO learn how to see themselves from us. I was horrified the day my son grabbed his non-existent tummy fat, heaved a sigh, and said, “Mom, I’m just so FAT!”

Tonight, though, I get to focus on something OTHER than the makeup. Tonight, I get to focus on the WHY behind my Kary Kay: the reality that makeup is NOT necessary, but is fun. That we, bare faced and beautiful, are worthy just as we are. That my dark circles are a symbol of my dedication to my family, and maybe a piece of my genetic past. That my freckles are something beautiful, as is my (ridiculously awesome) pale skin during winter.

Just as all of you are beautiful in your own skin. Just. As. You. Are. And true beauty comes from inside. It’s in your smile, your laugh, your kind heart. It’s in the self-confidence of knowing that you aren’t perfect, but that’s what make you YOU!

I cannot tell you guys how excited I am for tonight. Even if no one shows up, I still get the chance to change women’s lives. And in the process, I am learning to love myself again. SO MUCH TO BE THRILLED FOR! 🙂

So, Keep Calm. You’re Beautiful.


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