My Colbie Caillat Revalation

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about life and beauty. After two years off from my Mary Kay business, I decided to start it back up. Why? you ask? Isn’t it a pyramid scheme? Didn’t you fail miserably before? Don’t you have product coming out of your ears?

No, not a pyramid scheme. Yes, I failed, but that was because I had no heart in my sales. And yes, I had product coming out of my ears. And my parents’ closets.

This time, though, I have a reason to sell. Of course, like any business, I have a goal of making money. Duh. I’m good at my job, and my husband deserves a bit of a financial stress-o-meter break.

More than that, though, I want to make a difference in someone’s life, just like other people have made in mine. And not in an “Oh my gosh, my smokey eye is LIFE CHANGING” kind of way. In a “thank you for believing that I’m beautiful” kind of way.

Colbie Caillat’s new song, “Try,” is EXACTLY what I hope to make my Mary Kay business.

Today, I had on my most stunning makeup. I wore my cute shoes, had my nails done, and my hair pretty, and had on one of my favorite dresses. I was as snazzy as I can get. And you know what? I felt ugly. And fat. And ashamed of the baby bump I can’t seem to shake. And I went from feeling amazing to feeling like hiding in a burlap sack in moments.

Caillat’s song is my focus. The last few lines are so incredibly perfect.

“Take your make-up off,
Let your hair down.
Take a breath.
Look into the mirror, at yourself.
Don’t you like you?
Cause I like you.”

THAT is the foundation of MY Mary Kay. My focus is first and foremost on the reality that most of us are not comfortable in our own skin. We might walk talk, smile brightly, and always say we’re fine, but most of us have, at one time or another, felt the same way I do. My Mary Kay business is about finding the beauty within us, through the imperfections and the things that make us “us.” It’s taking off our make-up and looking in that mirror and saying, “That woman is _beautiful_.” Make-up is just a different kind of beauty. Our natural faces, our natural skin, ourselves: we are beautiful whether we have make-up on or not, whether we’re all done up or not, whether we believe it or not.

My Mary Kay is my God-given tool to reach out to all of you. I’m no better off than you are. Trust me, all I want to do right now is binge eat a gallon of ice cream and let the chocolate melt away the image I see in the mirror. But that won’t help. And the reality is that my image, all of this depression and self-loathing and low self-esteem is because of the way I perceive myself. Acne and blemishes and redness: I have skin care products that can fix that. Oily, gross skin thanks to PMS: my cleanser takes care of that. My skin issues can be taken care of so that my skin is as healthy as it can be, but nothing will take away my freckles or my blonde eye brows or my light eyelashes or my scars. And I’m learning to love those. They are part of what makes me beautiful.

If I tell Michael that his birthmark on his nose is an angel kiss, his one imperfection physically so that he has to stay here on Earth (like Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Birthmark”), why am I any different? I’m not, and neither are any of you.

You are all stunning. Exactly. As. God. Made. You.

I want to start believing in my true beauty, both inside and out. And I hope that everyone I meet, whether through MK or through something else, realizes their true beauty, too.

So, of course! Buy make-up! (Especially from me, but from whomever. 😉 ) Make-up is fun! It’s a way to express yourself and play up your features and find a new “version” of yourself. But will you join me in remembering that the original version, our natural, make-up – free version, is just as amazing as our dolled up look?

(And husbands/boyfriends/fiances/fathers out there, I know you guys have been telling us this forever. Keep telling us. Sometimes the world and the voice between our ears is too loud. You’re often our only saving grace.)

So… I’ll take my makeup off, let my hair down. Take a breath, look at the mirror, at myself. And I’ll like me. Will you like you?



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