Flawed Intentions

I need to apologize. I put my own self before the true reason for this blog: to share stories and feelings relatable to all. I got my panties in a bunch and posted a few blogs that not only segregated many who might read this blog, but also muddled my own message.

If I am to be a true ambassador for Christ, as I hope to be despite my flaws, I cannot be purposely stirring the waters. I am sorry. I put my own human agenda before a much higher, more important one. I put my own thoughts out there, determined to “stand up” for people like my friend because “no one else was.” Instead, I just continued the debate raging through the interweb and beyond. I did nothing for her except polarize anyone who might read. And that, I have realized, is fruitless. I say I love all, but my words say that I only love those who agree. And really, there’s no reason for me to attach a sign to my forehead and parade around, pretending to be righteous.

So, I apologize. I let my human heart get in the way. I still believe that we, as the church, are called to love whomever may cross our paths. I’ve just come to realize that I wasn’t doing that.


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