Cabin Fever for Amateurs

Both boys have it. Heck, I have it! And it’s only been three days, with the temps only at 40*. For those of you up north, you’re probably rolling your eyes and handing me a t-shirt you save just for those days it breaks freezing.

I’m not from up north, though, and this winter I came to a conclusion: I live in Texas for a reason. That reason is warmth. If it’s below 50* outside, we aren’t going out. Really, it’s quite logical. It’s just too much effort to force #1 to bundle up, manhandle #2 into jackets and mittens galore, and pray my fingers don’t freeze off, since I have no idea where my gloves are. It’s just too much work!

That, and there’s nothing like a beautiful 75* spring day down by the river. Nothing. That beautiful, emerald green grass waving gently in the breeze, the water spread out before you like a diamond-crusted scarf. The kids playing at the water’s edge, the baby pulling up at my knee, and that blissful warmth that can only come from the sun’s rays caressing your face… Ah, to have Saturday’s weather back again…

Alas, it is 32* outside currently, with ice on the bushes and sealing shut the cars. Even worse, it’s wet. There is nothing so disgusting as icy, cold, wet weather. It gets into your clothes and sinks into your bones. No sir, I am not taking the boys outside in this muck.

Which leaves me a little at a loss. There is only so  much you can do with a 4 year old who puts the energizer bunny to shame. Maybe I’ll bundle just him up and send him outside, or I’ll have him run ten times up and down the hallway. Or, I’ll have him jump twenty times on the rug. I don’t know. Cabin fever is way over-rated… Texas, get your stuff together and stop sending this yuck our way.


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