Jumpin’ on the Organic Train

You’d think I would have done this sooner, seeing as I live within 50 miles of the home-base for Whole Foods. I haven’t. Why? I thought it was just a load of bologna. That, and it’s so crazy expensive! Alas, I have woken up to the truth: our food is not good for us. Rather, the food we find cheapest and on the shelves of our supermarkets are full of things that are less than bueno. I’d already made a few changes, like avoiding my previous go-to Broke People Foods. Sorry, Hamburger helper, Ramen, and Hot Dogs, you have to get the boot. I was still buying luncheon meat, american cheese, and boxed meals like jumbalaya and instant potatoes, cereal and instant oatmeal. The sodium and sugar content of these BLEW my mind. 

Then, I got the idea of starting a home-based organic/locally-grown baby food business. Of course, starting a food business in this town requires the best of the best, great research, and a knowledge of what the heck is going into this food. Did I mention that Whole Foods is based outta here? We have defined what a modern-day hippy is.

The switch to organic was inevitable. No, I don’t plan on buying everything organic. Yet. My itsy-bitsy food budget just won’t allow it. And I most certainly am not buying bunches of organic meat. Sorry, family. I love you dearly, but meat is down to maybe, mayyyyybe twice a week. But the foods on the dirty dozen list that I pick up often (apples *gasp*, oranges, strawberries, blueberries…) are most definitely going to be organic. Eventually they will be local, at least during the season. 

Am I excited? You bet! Am I nervous? Ohhhhh, you have no idea. My fingers are crossed that I don’t totally blow this food budget. Otherwise, we might be having a few nights of literally rice, beans, and bread. (If you have great low-cost rice and beans recipes, toss them at me! I need some! It’s an easy sell to a family of rather flatulent menfolk. Makes them toot? Bring it on.) No matter what, though, I will not be buying more foods that have anything other than ingredients I can understand.

Do you have any tips on buying and cooking organically? Do you have any awesome recipes? I’d love to get them! Thanks!


6 thoughts on “Jumpin’ on the Organic Train

  1. Congrats on your move to healthier living…but oranges? I don’t worry about citrus UNLESS I’m using the peel in a recipe…. otherwise, the peel protects the inner fruit. Just sayin’… in case that might give you a little extra to buy something else organic. Apples…YES! I always tell people to start with those as they are ALWAYS number one on the dirty dozen! Happy eating those pesticide free fruits and veggies! 🙂

    • Apparently, oranges are on the list of “Dirty Dozen Plus,” though they’re 16th or 17th or some other down-there number. I plan to use some of the oranges for zest in baby food, so I’m just being wary. With all the GMO talk, too, my head is spinning.

  2. Glad to see another person realizing the benefits of organic food. The best tips I have for buying organic is to have a priority list of foods you think she be organic (i.e. foods on the dirty dozen list), and buying when prices are low and then can buy more for less.

  3. It’s a journey and a sacrifice at times for sure! A year ago we were on WIC and sick A LOT… we ate pretty healthy but…there were a lot of exceptions. Some of it is perspective change. Once I stopped buying packaged good the kids were willing to eat a lot more veggies…a bag of carrots (organic), bananas (not organic), lettuce, celery (organic) and pb (homemade or just nuts)…are all great- cheap snacks. There are some great blogs/sites out there. I really found Granny’s Vital Vital’s and Nourished Kitchen helpful for simplifying the process. [I’m not affiliated with either one, just sincerely helpful sources)

    • Thanks! Yes, we’re finding it to be fun and exciting, but difficult at the same time. The Dirty Dozen list seriously helped, giving us a few non-organic options until we can afford all organic/local. 🙂 I’ll look into those blogs! Thanks!

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