To My Sweet Husband

581442_10151596769091018_1048529124_nToday, I was feeling a little down. Nothing in particular was wrong, but those little peeves were rearing their heads. Then, an old high school friend wrote this super sweet post about her husband, and I realized that I was looking at everything the wrong way. Of course life will look a little blue if I insist on looking at the negatives. Instead, I’m going to follow her example and look at the bright.



Dearest husband,

You never cease to amaze me, especially the longer we’re together. You have grown so much, taking on responsibility and the role of husband and father. You do both the best of any man I know.

You always have some word of encouragement for me, constantly and consistently telling me that I am beautiful and attractive to you. As I struggle with my post-baby image, you have no idea how much your words mean. Your hugs and kisses, and even your booty grabs, let me know that you, the most important person, value me just as I am.

You spoil me absolutely rotten. You give me kisses on the forehead and play with my hair. You hold my hand during scary scenes and tease me when I cry at sappy parts. You love taking me out to dinner, and you know just the right flowers to get on Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. Even better, you know my favorite chocolate.

You help me. You pitch in with the boys or with dinner or with cleaning up, even though you’ve already worked a 10 hour day. You sit and listen to our silly “Thank You Jesus” prayers, only occasionally offering a raised eyebrow if my voice cracks. You back me up in front of the kids, and you support me with my parents.

You also support our family entirely on your own. You may never fully understand just how much this one means to me. You work so hard, going in on days you feel icky and on days when traffic is insane due to a snowflake. You brave any and all weather to get your job done, and you do it with a smile. Your hard work allows me to do what I love: taking care of my three men. I cannot do what I do without you.

You are a fantastic father. You love your boys. You play with your boys. They see you and want to be like you. Every morning, noon, and evening after you wash #2 with your shampoo, he asks me, “Mom, do I smell good? Do I smell like Daddy?” You are a superhero to them, even if sometimes they don’t show it. You are the strongest, the tallest, and the most handsome man they know. You set the example for what fatherhood should be: love, affection, involvement, and a little wrestling. I cannot wait to see how your relationships evolve as they grow older.

With #2, I am even more amazed at your abilities as a father. You can sleep through anything, so I need not feel guilty for sleep training. You don’t mind his snotty noses. You don’t hide under the covers whenever he cries. You are the Medicine Master, somehow able to dispense Tylenol without spilling a drop. I think that’s a super power in and of itself. You have faced the joys and trials of infancy for the first time full-time with so much more composure than many men I know, and I admire you for it.

Most of all, though, you are forgiving. You are loyal, and you are faithful. You can see through my faults and my mistakes to the person beneath it all, and you love her. You refuse to give up, and you refuse to back down. You are steady and supportive, always there for whatever dream I might have this week. You are the best thing to happen to me, and I need to say it more often. I love you.


Your Wife


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