A New Year, A New Me

Wow… I just looked back on the few posts I made, thinking to “clean house” so-to-speak and start afresh, since I am rather proud of my little blog’s title. Reading through those old blogs, though, I can’t help but feel mixed emotions: pride, nostalgia, wonder. Pride, that I could write something that would still impact me a year later. Nostalgia, remembering those events and the past. Wonder, that somehow I have grown past that.

Now, with this new year, I have a new focus for this blog. It will widen, being more than just a diary of a Generation M Christian. I hope to transform the blog into something relatable, full of laughter and memories, pictures and tips, recipes (YAY!) and truth. Even moreso, I want to share the real struggles that I go through, because each of us as women DO go through struggles, and many of them we feel like we can’t address. Like what, you ask? Like feeling jilted by a husband’s desire to play video games rather than come to bed. Like feeling unworthy because a husband watches other women, even if it’s a “soft” version and definitely in the “hard” version, in a world that says, “This is normal.” Struggles with feeling inadequate as a mother. Struggles with raising kids right. Struggles with money. Struggles with the oven. Whatever it might be. Over this past year, I’ve hit many hurdles. A few of them I managed to get over. A few of them I haven’t even realized I’ve hit yet. And I want to share that.

I’m excited for the new year. I hope you’ll join me, and I hope I’m not too out there for you. I cannot wait to see where this journey will lead me.


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